• GREMI is a group of companies from Slovakia and the Czech Republic whose aim is to design and install high-quality, modern, economical and optimised ventilation, heating, cooling, extraction, and air filtration systems.

Mission and vision


„Every real adventure comes into existence through a clash of fantasy with reality.“ Karel Čapek
We are not afraid of new challenges, we are straightforward and open to new solutions.
Find out more about the GREMI Group’s mission and vision.. gremi-klima



We are introducing our portfolio of companies that make up the GREMI Group. We are offering 35 years of expertise in the field of technical security installations of buildings. From understanding the client’s needs, through the design of the optimal solution and project documentation to installation and service. Learn more about the Group’s companies in the Portfolio section. gremi-klima




Carrying out implementations while overcoming technological and management challenges makes us experts in our industry. See a selection of top references across the GREMI Group’s implementations.


GreMi Investment Group, a.s.

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