Zwirn residential buildings, Bratislava

Zwirn BCT1 complex   •   Underfloor heating 17,000 m2   •   Distribution pipes 16x2 125,000 m   •   Contract scope EUR 1,000,000 – 2,000,000   •   Bratislava   •   Duration: 11/2021-05/2023   •   Implemented by GreMi KLIMA Bratislava 1

In the new downtown area of Bratislava near the historic Pradiareň building, we installed underfloor heating in Stage I of the BTC1 Zwirn multifunctional complex in an area of 17,000 m2 on behalf of the multinational development company YIT. After the structural work was completed, the entire system had to be regulated to achieve the optimum required temperature along with maximum efficiency of the system used, which we successfully managed to do to our client’s satisfaction. gremi-klima

Rebuy Stars Casino, Trnava, Slovak Republic

Casino in Trnava   •   HVAC system 21 000 m3/h   •   Cooling and continuous heating   •   Haier MRV-H 225kW   •   32 pcs indoor units   •   Contract scope EUR 200,000 – 500,000   •   Trnava   •   Duration: 01/2023 – 3/2023   •   Implemented by GreMi KLIMA Žilina

Rebuy Stars casinos are an established company in the gaming industry. We have many years of experience with projects like this one. The challenging part with the casino in Trnava was that everything had to be completed within four months, including the project documentation, and of course without any downtime of the casino’s gaming system. Thanks to our proficient and experienced team of people, and efficient cooperation with the equipment supplier Haier, we managed it to the best of our client’s satisfaction, even in the limited time of only three months. gremi-klima

Metalšrot, Tlumačov Czech Republic

Metalšrot Tlumačov, Czech Republic   •   Cyclone separator system   •   Duration: 1 year   •   Implemented by GreMi KLIMA Třinec

The client Metalšrot Tlumačov a.s. assigned us a task to replace the originally unsatisfactory technology with a new one that meets the parameters in terms of performance, technology and processes, as well as environmental performance. GreMi Klima Třinec ensured the entire process from the study design, through the design and construction phase to the actual production, installation, and recovery of the technology. Extraction during recycling processes has its own specifics because it involves inhomogeneous dust. The dust’s composition may vary due to different input materials. This requires flexible filtration systems that are supplemented by rotary separators. A cyclone separator system was designed and supplied for Metalšrot, which is characterised by the high-reliability solution for this application. gremi-klima

Stage II Nexen Tire, Žatec, Czech Republic

Stage II Nexen Tire   •   Pre-insulated piping system   •   Technology used: HVAC piping and accessories   •   Contract scope: EUR 3,000,000 – 5,000,000   •   Duration: 12/202 - 07/2023   •   Implemented by Luwex

Thanks to our experience in handling the Nexen Tire Stage I in 2017, we were able to cope with the difficult conditions in Stage II. The contract was challenging also due to different construction management by the South Korean general contractor. This involved production planning and managing the shipment of the pipes, which were manufactured at the GreMi KLIMA Ružomberok production facility. In the newly built production halls (7 halls and 2 warehouses) of Stage II Nexen Tire, we provided the supply and installation of air-conditioning piping: square pre-insulated, square galvanized, round galvanized – Spiro and accessories such as end elements, control elements, and others. It was important that the piping was always on site at the right time. The volume of pre-insulated piping alone at this stage was worth more than a quarter of a million euros. gremi-klima

Brezovina residential buildings

Residential buildings Brezovina   •   Underfloor heating: 5,000 m2   •   interface units: 59 pcs   •   Pipe 16x2 Flexi Pe-rt: 30 km   •   Contract scope: EUR 100,000 – 200,000   •   Duration: 02/2023 – 11/2023   •   Implemented by Univenta Vyšný Kubín

For the Brezovina residential buildings, we implemented underfloor heating and 59 interface units. We delivered the UNIVENTA heat interface units completely ready for installation, including all connections necessary for commissioning. These units are used in new buildings wherever it is convenient to use one heat source for the entire building. However, each point of use (flats, offices, etc.) has a separate interface unit that controls the hot water and heating and also includes its own consumption meter. The interface units provide independent heating and water heating in the premises where they are installed. The owner of the premises is thus able to influence the consumption and therefore the payment amount for consumed energy. gremi-klima

BIW Projekt Jaguar – Land-Rover

Jaguar – Land-Rover Nitra   •   HVAC output: 10.6 mil. m³/h   •   Round ducts: 11 km   •   Rectangular ducts: 35,000 m²   •   Exhaust headers: 18.5 tonnes   •   Scope of contract: 5 000 000 - 7 000 000EUR   •   Duration: 2016 - 2017   •   Completed by: GreMi KLIMA Žilina

Jaguar – Land-Rover, the newest automaker in Slovakia, for whom we completed the design, installation project and delivery of HVAC equipment for the welding shop. It was a demanding order, 93,600 m² of floor space consumes a total air-conditioning output of 10.6 million m³/h, which required 11 km of circular duct and 35,000 m² of rectangular duct and 18.5 tons of exhaust headers were lifted to the roof by helicopter. A large portion of the system had to meet ATEX requirements for explosive environments. The entire project was completed in accordance with the BREEAM 2013 environmental directive. We also completed the office building where in the design phase we created a simulated air flow model and successfully employed the advantages offered by pre-insulated HVAC ductwork. gremi-klima